Introduction: ESP8266 Solderless Breadboard Adapter

I want to show you how to build a simple solderless breadboard adapter for the ESP8266 E12.

I wasnt able to find something similar thats why I decided to do it on my own.

Hope it will help other people who are untalented in terms of soldering too but want to get their hands on the ESP8266 12E.

Step 1: Material

What do we need?

  1. Breadboard
  2. ESP8266 12E
  3. 2 sockets with 8 pieces of 2mm pinhole pins each
  4. 2 IDE HDD Adapter 3,5" to 2,5" (thats the magic part)

Step 2: HDD Adapter

Note: The 2,5" to 3,5" IDE HDD adapter will help us to convert from the 2,00mm pinhole size to 2,54mm, which is the standard breadboard size.

Step 3: Assembling Step 1

1. Put the first HDD Adapter in lane 4 and 5 on the left side of the bread board

2. Put the second HDD Adapter in lane 2 and 3 on the right side of the bread board

Step 4: Assembling Step 2

Put one pin socket on the outer lines of the adapters

Step 5: Final

Stack the ESP8266 E12 on top pin sockets which we just added. It should fit perfectly.

I hope it saves your life just as it did for me.