Introduction: E.T. Cake & Birthday Theme

You guessed it, we love E.T. 
Especially my son. For his 2nd birthday I did an E.T. Theme 
Here is pictures of the cake and party. 
Fondant Recipe:

E.T. was made with Rice Crispie Treats Squares. I let them set in fridge then molded his body and head out of them. I used wooden bbq screwers for extra support, as E.T. is top heavy. I then covered E.T. with about four layers of fondant. Tips with working with the Marshmallow fondant:

Make sure you saran wrap, ziplock baggie it, then put it in tupperware container to stop it from drying out. I just left fondant on counter over night, as storing in fridge turns it to rock.

Nuke fondant ball you want to work with in 10 sec intervals. Watch out it is hot Marshmallows- I burnt myself several times……save yourself some cursing.

I kept my hands, counter, and rolling pin greased with shortening to prevent sticking, and help smooth out and bumps on E.T.

I also kept a warm cup of water and a paint brush at the ready, for “gluing” fondant together, and smoothing out.

I had to take breaks and put E.T. back in the fridge, as the rice crispies would soften, and E.T. would start drooping.
ET. took about 4 days to make. Always give yourself an extra day with fondant as first day you make it, you have to let it rest for at least 10 hours. E.T. is sitting on a bowl covered in fondant to look like a cake, as I ran out of time to do the real thing. It was my first time working with fondant and I didn't plan in the extra day of rest. 

The space ship is made out of cardboard, duct tape, and the tubing is a dryer vent. Then all painted with acrylics. Lights are stick on push lights from dollar store. The fire coming out of the rockets is cheerleading pom poms from the dollarstore. The Space ship is made out of about 6 moving boxes cut and taped together.(Duct Tape) The most time consuming was the painting and details. The ship took about a week worth of spare time to finish. Spare time with a Toddler? The spaceship lasted about 7 months before I finally said goodbye to it, and it gave my Son hours of play.