Eva Foam Viking Helmet

Introduction: Eva Foam Viking Helmet

Hi there..

I have been draining ideas and inspirations from instructables for probably 10 years,and yet this is my first post. I hope you like it.

This is my custom viking helmet that i build 2 years ago..


-5mm foam

-2mm craft foam

-3mm craft foam

-PVA glue

-Hot glue

-Polyster/Epoxy resin

-Rotary tool

-Exacto knife

-Spray paints(i used chrome and gold

-Black shoe dye/acrylic paints



Step 1: Dome,faceplate and Rims

First of all I made this helmet freehand so i dont have any templates,but I based it ot the Spangenhelm design wich has a lot of blueprints around the web.

I made the dome long before i started working on the helmet so i dont have pic of the process.Basically I mix wood glue with water(the ratio that work best for me is 2:1)and papier mache a balloon around the size of my head. I dont remember how much but i think that i went crazy with the layers. After everything is set I glued a piece of the 5mm foam around the base of the dome.I cut the faceplate out of 3mm foam and glue it on the 5mm.

Then we have to cut out the 2mm rims.I first glue the red one.This covers the seams where i glued the faceplate to the base.Second is the blue strap and finally the middle one.

Step 2: Additional Rims and Studs

I placed more 2mm foam around the helmet to hide the seem between the dome and the 5mm piece

The studs are really easy to make.Just squezee some hot glue blops(try to make them the same size)on parchment paper and then glue them to the helmet.

Step 3: Texture and Sealling

Use the rotary tool to make the surface uneven.I always make batte damege on the things I build.

Hit it with some heat gun and we can seal it.

You can use whatever you want.Resin or glue/water mix.I used glue and it turns out great...but i put on at least 15 coats.

Step 4: Painting

I didn't prime it.I went straight to spray paints.

I put on 2-3 layers of chrome paint.Then distress it with some black shoe dye.I then used gold spray for more details

Step 5: Finished

I put some blood and i was finished.

This is pretty basic build technique that can be used for diffrents type of mediaeval helmets.

I hope you like it!!!!

Sorry if i made some mistakes spelling some parts name but english is my second language so...

I will be very grateful if you check my instagram:


Build things responsibly


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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    The details on this helmet look just great!