Introduction: EZ $70 Industrial/Pop Art Style Table

I was looking for a cheap Industrial Style/Pop Art table for my room. I came across a Marilyn Monroe poster at a local Ross store for $20 that gave me an idea. I like the bold, vibrant, retro color scheme of the poster and though it would look great on a table. This table is very easy to make and does not required any wood cutting skills.

Step 1: Materials Needed


Wood Panel: $10 Lowes/Home Depot

Black spray paint $3

Poster : 2x $20 Ross Store

Glass Top Table : Free or Ikea $70-$100

Saw Horse: 2 for $20 Lowes/Home Depot.

Step 2: Assembly..

1. Cut the wood same size has your glass table. This will serve as the bottom base. Your top is the glass. The poster is sandwich in between.

2. Spray the black paint along the edge of the wood to keep the border color consistent with the stand and the poster.

3. Remove the frame from the poster. Destapler and a flat head screw will do the job.

4. Using two same copies of poster, create a repeat pattern collage to fill in spaces. Since the glass is very heavy, duck tape is only needed on back of poster to hold the poster in place

5. Sandwich the poster between the wood base and glass top .

6. Use the saw horse as a table stand.

That's it! Simple but effective!

The trick is make sure to use poster that has a good color scheme. Picture that bleeds off the edge is more effective. A borderless table is more effective than a framed table.