Introduction: Eagle Christmas Ornament

For the ornament I thought it would be both festive and patriotic to give our nations bird a seasonal hat. I created all the shapes in the ornament and I also came up with the idea independently. The ornament is designed to be hung by the loop on the santa hat. This ornament is also a project for my high schools engineering course.

Step 1: Creating the Shape of the Eagle

I made the shape of a generic eagle head with various polygons from the program TinkerCAD. I then used the eagle head as template to cut the shape.

Step 2: Cutting the Head Into Sections

I then used a series of triangles to cut a feather-like pattern at the bottom of the white colored part of the eagles head. I colored the bottom half brown and the upper half white.

Step 3: Cutting the Beak From the Head

I used a square, triangle, and a curved line to cut a beak from the head of the eagle. I also added a black line on the beak to indicate where the mouth was and to make it more realistic.

Step 4: Finishing the Eagle Head

After I attached everything, I used a square to cut a slant in a cylinder. I then used the cut cylinder to cut an eye for the eagle. I used a smaller cylinder to create a pupil for the eagle. I then aligned all the pieces to make certain that they fit together.

Step 5: Creating the Santa Hat

I used a square I colored white to make the brim of the hat. I used a piece I cut from a tube to make the bend in the santa hat. I chose to leave that area open, because I intend the bend to be used as the anchor to the tree. I then used the tube I cut to cut a square into a rounded triangle to be the remainder of the hat. I chose to make the hat .5mm thicker than the rest of the eagle to give the hat some depth. I used a sphere for the puff ball at the end of the hat.

Step 6: Finishing the Ornament

I then attached the hat to the eagle and the ornament was finished.

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