Introduction: Ear Cuff Lizard :)

Hi everybody!

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make a supercute ear cuff!
In the next step there is the video of how I made it (and so how you will!)

Enjoy :)

Step 1: Video Tutorial

This is the video tutorial where you can see everything.

It is in italian but I made also subtitles in english so check them ;)

Step 2: Some Tips

Finally some tips:

  • when I made this video I haven't got a small oven so I cook my clay in boiling water that make them a bit "white" so if you have a oven use it instead of boiling water!
  • the wire must be quite thick or your ear cuff will fall everytime you put on
  • to reach a more realistic effect don't use purple and orange color ;)
  • make it smaller as possible (it will weigth less and so it won't fall easily)

Step 3: Finish

So this was my tutorial, hope you enjoyed ;)

For any questions leave a comment below, I would be glad to help you :)

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