Introduction: Earbud Length Adjuster

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Yay my first Instructable!This is a little tool that gives you only what you need of your headphone wire. It helps prevent the wire from hooking on to things and also makes a great exercise tool. I have made a few if these, but only now am I making a how to on this. I had to improvise some materials, but I will mention what works better. LET'S GET STARTED!

Step 1: Materials

For your pieces, you will need:

- A (cheap) plastic tape measure
- A paper clip
and of course, earbuds to test your finished product.

Step 2: Tools

Tools needed:

- A standard-head screwdriver
- Wire cutters ( not shown)
- Strong Tape (not shown)
- Glue or epoxy (optional)

Step 3: Take It Apart

With the reel side down (has the pin that holds the reel in place) use the screwdriver to pry open the case. It's easiest to pry at the opening where the end of the tape sticks out.

Next, pull out the reel. Discard the coil. Then remove the measure tape from the other side of the reel.

Step 4: Second Opening

Using your wire cutters, cut a square hole on the opposite side to the tape opening. Just try not to break the plastic like I accidentally did. This is where the plug end of the cord pokes out.

Step 5: Quick and Easy Steps

Paper clip hook:
chop off half of the paper clip's long end and then the inside curve/hook. bend the clip into an oval. Now tape it to the top part of the case. (picture 2)

Replace the reel.

Step 6: Wrapping

Take the part of your cord where the wire splits and place it just outside the opening where the tape stuck out. Then, wrap the plug side of the cord around the reel in two full circles. Tighten the cord. Pull the cord through the hole you made.

Step 7: Finishing

Now, put your lid back on with the button attached. This is where your extra cord comes in. take just enough cord on the plug end for your adjuster to fit on your belt loop, while also making sure it can reach your electronic in your pocket. Wrap that around the paper clip twice. The plug must be able to reach inside your pocket after this step.

Now you should have a loop of cord going from the box to your paper clip. Leave this. It's a very important aspect to this working the way it's supposed to.

NOTE: The case may not close very tightly. to prevent your tool from falling apart, i recommend using a rubber band to keep the case shut.

Step 8: It's Done!

Now this is what your finished product should be like/similar to. Just pull on the earbud part, and it should extend, pull on the plug part, you will have less cord.

Step 9: Optional Step

you can use any kind of clip for this optional step. Just attach it to the side with the reel pin. epoxy or strong tape is best.