Earring Holder & Display Rack

Introduction: Earring Holder & Display Rack

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I work as a traveling RN and spend a lot of time in my motor home. As anyone who has ever lived in an RV can tell you there is never enough storage. I used to keep my earrings in a box but this made them hard to find and sort through. Also, whenever I drove any distance everything in the box was sure to get tangled and tied in knots.

Step 1: Basic Design

One day while I was fixing a window screen I came up with this idea. It’s basically just a folded over strip of aluminum screen that is folded a second time over a short, thin piece of wood trim. This all gets nailed to the wall in the bathroom, bedroom, or where ever. Your earrings will be easy to find and no longer a tangled mess when you move around. Plus, they look pretty hanging on the wall!

The reason that the screen is double folded is so it won’t fray and also to protect your fingers from the poky bits of wire everywhere. I even folded under the sides for the same reason.

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    5 years ago

    What a cool idea and use of some screen!