Introduction: Earth Day Face Paint

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Earth Day couldn't get any more colorful or stylish with this face paint inspired by Heather Green from the 2008 "Face Painting Book of Holiday Designs"! Great for Earth Day or anytime that you want to show appreciation to Mother Nature herself!

Step 1: Start With Light Blue

First, I began with a sponging of light blue around one eye. I used a Light Blue from Mehron Paradise.

Step 2: Add a Rainbow

Now, this is where the magic comes in! I added a rainbow from one point of the light blue circle, across the forehead using the True Rainbow Arty Brush Cake from Silly Farm.

Step 3: Add Clouds

Afterwards, I outlined the light blue circle with black, then I used more light blue with a few hints of white for the clouds on both ends of the rainbow.

Step 4: Add Details

Then, I used light green for the continent parts on the light blue circle to create the Planet Earth. From there, I dressed up the look with some black and white outlines and details, including some swirls, dots, and stars!

Step 5: Add Lipstick

Finally, I finished off with some red lipstick, and the design is complete!

Step 6: Celebrate Mother Earth!

Here's to your Mother Nature for helping us understand what it takes to save you, keep you clean, and making you stay that way!

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