Easiest Electronic Cigarette

Introduction: Easiest Electronic Cigarette

Easy electronice cigarette powered by usb powerbank.

Step 1: Basics

You wil need resistance wire, soldering iron, multimeter, usb conector (male), switch, two screws, some box or tube and universal soldering board.

Max current of the powerbank is 2,1A, working curent is about 1,5A, resistance in according to ohm law is then cca 3,3 ohms - table of resistance for example here


Lenght of wire can be taken with multimeter or from the specific resistance (my wire has 2,2 ohms/feet).

Step 2: Box

There is 3 holes to the box, one for usb conector, one for switch from the back side, one for mouth.

Step 3: Wire

Wire is coiled to the spiral with loop in the ends for puting to the screws

Step 4: Back Side of Board

Usb conector and switch solder in board, conecting wires fixed by the screws.

Step 5: Box - Back Side

Back side of the box with hole for the switch

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