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Introduction: Easiest Ever 3 Ingredient Cheese Cookies

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Most of the people love cheese - it just makes everything better! Same with these cookies - just three simple ingredients and you get delicious yellow treats.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

  • 100 g butter (room temperature)
  • 100 g cheese
  • 100-150 g wheat flour
  • Parchment paper or oil for greasing
  • Grater

You can make more cookies taking same amounts of butter, flour and cheese and then adding extra flour as needed.

Step 2: Grate Cheese

Grate the cheese into as small chunks as possible. Set aside.

Step 3: Mix 2

Mix 100g flour and all of the butter together. Try repeatedly pushing the flour into the butter - after a little while it will stick together. Don't melt the butter! It has to be in a room temperature.

Step 4: Add Cheese

Add grated cheese. If the mass seems too sticky and wet, add more flour.

Step 5: Shape

You can make different shaped cookies but this is one of the options. Roll the dough into evenly sized small balls. Then roll the ball between your hands for a few times like a play dough, so it looks like a thick sausage. Then - make a crescent shape!

Step 6: Bake

Place cookies in a cookie pan - greased or lined with parchment paper. Bake in 200 C until cookies turn golden. Don't burn them - cookies can get bitter.

Step 7: Snack!

Let cookies cool - they taste just as good on the second day!

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    4 years ago

    Cook time for me was about 8 minutes. It can be hard to tell when they are done because the cheese makes them appear fluffy and wet - pull one out and either break it in half or use a toothpick to check. These need salt if unsalted butter is used - I sprinkled a bit of coarse sea salt on top. I tried a few sauces on them for dipping and my favorite was honey mustard dressing.

    They tasted very good and what few were left were still crunchy after 4 days in a Tupperware container. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yeah, cooking time can differ a bit (because of the oven or the size of cookies) - that's why I didn't mention specific numbers. :) I also don't add salt, because the cheese has it anyway and it is healthier for the kids - but I have thought of adding chili powder for myself, as I like spicy food. :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    I bet chili powder would be really good on these! These are great as a base for experimentation.