Easiest Soldering 3rd Hand Like Ever!




Introduction: Easiest Soldering 3rd Hand Like Ever!

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very easy solder holder I just thunked up!
I was just attempting to learn how to solder and came across some I'bles on making "3rd hand holders" from coat hangers and bits and pieces....
then I saw a coat hanger in my cupboard holding an old pair of shorts and decided we can break that if we need to! but please read on! thanks for viewing!

Step 1: Step One: Find a Base

In this step we will look for a decent base for the station, around the house you may have spare bits and pieces like I do and I have had a project board (good for cutting paper stencils or whatever) and I will use this. It is a UHDplastic thing.. But it is quite solid! it would be safer on the Lungs if it wasn't made of plastic but #yolo! am I right?

but yea you want to keep your lungs intact so use some wood or something...

Step 2: Step 2: Destructing the Clothes Hangar!

this is my clothes hangar! as you can see it already has slidy clamps making it easily adjustable along the length of the main bar.
what we will do is bend the hook into a standy type thing this is so it can be glued, screwed or otherwise adhered to your base.
if you don't have strong man hands ( Like I do!:-P ) then you may need some grippers or a vise to hold it for adjustments.

As you can see in photo number 2 we now have a funky looking hook! this is the base so make it as flat as possible.

P.S you should try not to stress the attachment between hook and main bar bit too much... there is a rivet there that popped out for me. this resulted in another pair of shorts losing a hangar!

Step 3: Step 2: Mounting.

haven't we had step 2 before? oh well show must go on!
A few things I didn't prepare for... when the hook is folded the stand is quite low.. which isn't a problem because you can just stack bits of your base up to elevate it
but the other problem is that it doesn't balance by itself... and since I currently have no ways of adhering it to the base (no more 2part epoxie...)
so I'll leave it up to you to engineer your own mount method and for now I'll just put some books on it or something..
good luck soldering!
slap a picture in the comments of your adhereation! ( is that a word)
Tv one5 out

Step 4: Step 3: Solve World Hunger and the Energy Crisis

I'll just leave this here...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a pretty clever use for that type of hanger!

    I wonder if the hook portion could be cut off, and you could drill a hole into the base to mount the hanger into.. Just thinking... :)

    Tv one5
    Tv one5

    Reply 7 years ago

    yea why not! if you do drill a hole you would want to glue it in.. you could also try and thread it or something? but yea great thinking!