Introduction: Easiest Way to Separate Egg White. Using a PET Bottle.

Festivals are happy time. It brings friends and family together. Its also the tome when our kitchen is most busy. While making all those delicious dishes, we just cannot ignore home made cakes. The most tiring part in cake making (for me. its boring) is separating egg white. With a little bit of science, we can separate egg white easy and fast. That too only using a PET bottle.

Step 1: Materials Required.

This is no rocket science. It only uses common kitchen utensils. Materials needed are.

1. A plate with raised edges.

2. A glass bowl.

3. A knife.

4. PET bottle / easily squeezable bottle.

5. Oh yes.. Eggs.

Step 2: Break Open the Eggs.

I prefer knife to crack an egg. Anything will be fine as long as you can crack it in half, without breaking the yolk. Use the glass plate or ceramic plate. When we use a plate, the yolk will be slightly raised from the surface and the egg white will spread around it, which make it easier to separate.

Step 3: Collecting the Yolk.

It is the important step. Squeeze the bottle (not too much). When we squeeze the bottle, the air inside the bottle is displaced out. When we release our hand, the bottle retains its original shape, which creates an negative pressure inside the bottle. This negative pressure sucks in air to balance this pressure drop.

We use this principle to collect the yolk. After squeezing the bottle, we place the mouth of the bottle on the yolk. So when we release our hand, the negative pressure developed will suck in the yolk leaving the egg white behind. The yolk has a membrane around it and will prevent it from breaking. But be sure that the bottle mouth dont have any sharp edges.

Step 4: Transferring the Yolk Into the Bowl.

T transfer the yolk into the bowl, hold the bottle head down and squeeze it. The yolk will drop out.

Step 5: Separating Multiple Eggs.

You can use this method to separate many eggs at a time. You can collect several eggs and drop it all together into the bowl if you like. I have added an video. You can see that it is simple and faster. even a 5 year old can do it.

Step 6: Enjoy.

Enjoy this festival season with your loved ones. Since i was't baking any cakes today, I decided to make scrambled eggs. If you like this instructables, feel free to comment and vote. Thanks.

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