Introduction: Easter Bunny Portrait - Directed Drawing for Kids

Easter Bunny portrait in 6 Easy Steps!

Perfect for a classroom project, party project, or individual project.

Kiddoes are always amazed at the work they've created with directed drawing pieces-

Ages 4 and up

Every child is an artist!




Permanent marker - Black

Watercolor paints

Step 1: The Head !

Step 1- Place your hand in the center of the paper - Paper is vertical.

Trace around your hand for the head of the bunny.

Step 2: The Ears!

Step 2- Draw 2 ears that stretch to each corner of the paper.

Draw smaller loops for the inside of the ears-

Step 3: The Nose!

Step 3- Draw a heart in the center of the head.

Step 4: The Details!

Step 4-

Add the eyes- 2 dots.

Whiskers- 3 lines that reach the edge of the paper on both sides.

Mouth- 2 fish hooks.

Step 5: Trace!

Step 5- Trace in a black permanent marker so the drawing won't bleed into your watercolor paint.

Step 6: Paint Time!

Step 6- Watercolor paint the background, inside of ears and inside of nose-

Voila!! Your portrait is complete!