Easy, Cheap, Animated Cartoon in 10 Minutes




Introduction: Easy, Cheap, Animated Cartoon in 10 Minutes

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I always liked to draw and was thinking of becoming a cartoonist as a kid, but the tedium of the technique at the time (1980s) drove me away. Now we have computers and everyone is making flash animations. Flash attracted me because you don't have to redraw the thing every frame, you just move it's pieces. However this severly restricts the expressiveness of ones creations. Also, you have to draw on a computer using a mouse or drawing tablet, neither of which worked ever gave me the results I wanted. So I tried claymation because this allows expressiveness without having to redraw the character each frame. Problem with this is the clay is hard to work with and a pain.
Finally I came up with a very easy and fun way to do animations which can be both expressive, do not require redrawing of the whole character each frame, and allow very easy modification: without messy erasing and without having to use a computer mouse or computer drawing tablet. For this method all you need is a 'dry erase' board ('whiteboard'), a usb camera, a computer, and some free software.

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together

You will need:

= one or more dry erase boards
(more than one is nice because you can do multiple scenes at the same time without erasing the same board over and over)

= a usb camera
I use a logitech quickcam chat, it's cheap and does the job. It also comes with a weird bendy mount which allows me to mount it on a tripod that I have.

= a computer
any old computer will work as long as it can run the software (see below)

= some free software
I use 'MonkeyJam' to make the initial animations, it's free and it's great, does everything you need to make nice animations.
I use 'Video Edit Magic' to do the post animation editing (adding music, sound effects, naration, etc). It's a very cheap, simple, and effective program.

Step 2: Set Everything Up

So set up the whiteboard on a table. Tape it down with double sided tape wo it won't shift while you draw and erase on it.

Mount the usb camera above it in a stable position. It's best to make some sort of mount that you can keep in place permanently, or at least for the time that it takes you to do your animation. If it gets shifted in reference to the whiteboard, it's annoying to reposition it to the exact same position, and then your animation will have a 'jump' in it.
I mounted my webcam on an old tripod that I foun on the street, I think the tripod was used for a high hat on a drum set.
You will probably not want to mount the webcam more than about a foot above the whiteboard, cause their resolution isn't that great.

plug the camera into your computer and start MonkeyJam

Step 3: Working With the Software

Start MonkeyJam (free software mentioned with URL in step #2)

Click the button on the upper left (piece of paper with a star on it). This will create a new 'layer' in your animation.

Just click 'ok' in the box that comes up.
An orange labeled layer will appear.

Click the 'Open Video Capture Window' button (the thing to the right of the '10' button)

In the window that pops up, select 'stop motion' under the 'mode' menu.

Select your camera from the 'cameras' menu.

Then start drawing and click the 'capture' button whenever you want to make a new frame in your animation.

Step 4: Working With the Software Cntd.

you can check how your movie is looking so far bly clicking the 'preview movie' button.

When you're satisfied with your movie, click the 'exposure sheet as an Avi movie button.

Step 5: Put Your Animations Onto Youtube

I was messing with 'windows movie maker' (comes with windows), and I noticed a 'narate' button. use that to add voices/sound to your animations (once they have been saved as videos).
You can also use windows movie maker for basic editing (add effects, etc).
Alternatively you can download VirtualDub from download.com, it's free and allows basic video editing.


Put your animations onto YouTube so people can watch them. There aren't many aninamtions by nonprofessionals on there at the moment, I hope this will change after this instructable.

Here are some excellent books on animation:
How To Draw Cartoon Animals
How To Draw Real Animals
Film Directing Shot by Shot
Script Writing etc


Here are some short animations I did so far:






Have Fun!
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    4 years ago

    Made my first cartoon animation.This post was very helpful.

    Thank you.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I would like to make an animation using some good software. Just one problem:

    I have a macintosh computer and cannot get that windows software. Any Mac alternatives?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a very helping post, the info you shared here worth learning, Its cool and a attractive way to gain attention
    easily by white
    board animation and draw your business into the path of
    success and sales.



    10 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting way to do it. I have always drawn out what I needed on paper. Scanned it to my computer. Opened it in Photoshop CS5.1. Traced the lines of the drawing, usually individual parts, like trace the hand, save; trace the foot save; and so on. Then use something like Anime Studio.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Rate my first cartoon, please:



    11 years ago on Step 5

    this is so neet! i do a lot of drawing and that is so cool that you can turn them into a acual short! the only thing i do different is that i use plastic paper(also called cel paper), just like the original cartoons. you can get it at like office max office depot in like a package of like 100 ,it is kind of expensive but it is worth it . sooooo cool!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    We are producing a short film. Are you willing to participate?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    we are interested in cartoons (creating animations). Can you take an assignment? Please respond in private .peti@green-option.com


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I like your work. 2 questions - Can you do whiteboard animation like that which was done in Dan Pink's speech on motivation? and are you currently taking new assignments?

    Respond in private to pr50934@gmail.com.



    Lance Mt.
    Lance Mt.

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

     You sir.. are a god.

    Thats the coolest thing i've ever seen, and yes americas voting system is.. well, i've seen better (COOOOOUGH) 

     -Cheers, Chris

    I wish that monkeyJam allowed me to import images from my computer so i wouldn't have to buy a web cam. maybe i can borrow my bro's when the time to capture my frames. great ible! :D