Introduction: Easy 3 Ingredients Avocado Mousse

This mousse is easy to make and vegan.
You can control the sugar to make it more sweet or less.
For make it you just need three ingredients.

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

1 small avocado
1 sachet sweet chocholate powder (around 3 tbs)
3 tea spoon sugar
5 table spoon hot water
Powder sugar (optional)

Step 2: Make the Chocholate Paste

First mix the sweet chocholate powder with three tea spoon sugar and little hot or warm water until the sugar dissolve.
Don't add to much water or the mouse will be too watery.

Mix it until you get a thick chocholate paste.
You can subtitute the thick chocholate paste with mixing 2-3 table spoon chocholate powder and sugar or sweetened condensed milk.

Step 3: Add the Avocado

The easy way to using the avocado is cut 4 the avocado with the sharp knife.
Becareful to not hurt yourself :)

Peel the avocado and add to the thick chocholate paste.

Make sure you not use spoon to peel the avocado or it will feel more bitter.
Just peel the skin with hand.

And then blend it until smooth. I blend it using blender. If you had food processor it's more good

Step 4: Freeze the Mouse

If you like to serve it cold, you can put the mousse in the freezer, at least 3 hours until ready.
But if not, you can skip this step.
I'm freeze the mousse overnight.

Step 5: Ready to EAT!

I like to dust it with some powder sugar. This is just optional.
And the mousse ready to serve.
You can dip some biscuit into it :a

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