Introduction: Easy 800-3000 Lumen LED Bike Light (or Video Light)

The project goal is to make a powerful LED light which can be used as a bike (ATV, snowmobile) or a video light.

This project is very customizable. You can use various LEDs and optics combinations. This project goal is to make a "3000 lumen" light.

The required parts:
1) Housing. The housing used in this project can fit almost anything up to 35mm in diameter. (

The housing has a pill which can be screwed at almost any depth inside the shell.

2) LEDs. Triple XML board and matching optics. In this project - Ledil CUTE-3 and some Chinese noname optics.
3) LED driver. The choice depends on the available LEDs and power source. In this case it is a 2.8A buck driver ( Converter/Buck Converter.pdf)
4) Switches and wires, thermal paste.

Step 1: Preparing the Pill

The pill has 2 holes already drilled. In this case I had to drill 2 additional holes: one for the wires and another for the screw.

Applied some thermal grease and installed the LED board.

Step 2: Driver Installation

Pull the wires through the hole, solder them to the LED board. Don't forget to check for shorts after this step!

Step 3: Pill Installation

Put some thermal paste on the pill threads and screw it at desired depth. Drop the optics on the LEDs and put the front glass with the o-ring. Screw down the tiny screws, but be careful with the torque - the plastic front ring can crack if you over-tighten.

Step 4: Rear Cover Assembly

Drill the necessary holes for the wires, pull the wires through the holes and solder them to the driver board wires. Insulate the solder joints.

Not pictured here: use zip-ties as strain relief, another possibility is to use a cable gland.