Introduction: Easy Batty Candy Corn Nails

Only In Ur Mind:

Welcome to Only In Ur Mind. Easy Batty candy corn nails for Halloween. Want some cute and easy to do nails for Halloween. Halloween is all about the candy, so what better way than to have candy corn on your nails. Plus an extra fun batty nail if you dear. I hope you enjoy!

Nail Polish and materials used Base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails White nail polish Candy corn: Make-up sponge, yellow, orange, and white nail polish batty design: Thin brush and Acrylic Paint in black/ I used Folk Art from Wal-mart Clean up: nail polish remover and brush or Q-Tip Top coat Seche Vite

Music: YouTube

Step 1: Base Color

I used Sally Henson clear for a protective coat then after drying I painted a white polish on all nails.

Step 2: Candy Corn Nails

You will need: disposable make-up sponge, yellow, orange, and white nail polish

-Paint a line of yellow across the sponge followed by the orange above the yellow, then lastly the white.

-Don't worry if your nail polish touch or blend, that's what will make it look like the candy.

-Keep repeating those steps on all nails using the same sponge until you get the color you desire.

-And you will get polish on your fingers but can be easily cleaned up with nail polish remover and a brush or Q-tip.

Step 3: Top Coat

Now time to seal in the candy with a clear polish.

Step 4: Clean-up

With a brush or Q-tip and some nail polish remover clean up around and any where that polish may have gotten.

Step 5: Extra Batty Nail If You Dear

You can stop with just the tasty candy nails but for some added cutest, do a bat on your ring finger.

You will need: Black acrylic paint and thin brush.

On the finger of your choice make a dot and on both sides add wings.

-wings: line going up on both sides of dot then a line going down.

-Add to tiny lines for ears.

You can also create a moon around the bat by painting half circle on the and bottom of bat. And just fill in the outside of circle.

Step 6: All Done, Happy Halloween!

Hope you enjoyed!