Easy Cake With No Flour




Introduction: Easy Cake With No Flour

this is my first time trying this recipe and i loved it is so soft and the remained part for the next day was more delicious;this cake has become an official recipe on the family 's recipes book.

Step 1: The Ingredients

1-170g coconut cookies (
or any favorite one just the quantity should be 170g)

2- 4 tables spoon of custard cream powder or cornstarsh

3- 150ml of milk

4- 80ml of oil

5- 150g sugar

6- 4 eggs ( or 3 big eggs)

7- 7g vanilla sugar ( or vanilla powder if it’s available)

8- 14 g baking powder

For garniture :

9 - 4 caramel cream yougurt of 50g ( you can change it by any favorite yougurt flavor)

Step 2:

Mix all ( except
cornstarch and baking powder) in blender then leave it for one minute just the cookies absorve the liquid and be more tender.

add cornstarch or custard
cream powder and baking powder and mix again

Step 3:

pour it in the mold
already covered with parchment paper or butter in preheated oven of 200c for 30 minutes

Step 4:

Flip it in and leave it
for minutes to cool down then start to cover with caramel cream yougurt ( it up to you to add chocolat , coconut or almond flakes to decorate it. For me i just used it what was at home, some coconut powder

Really it tastes so
delicious and fluffy with no floor . please try it and give me your comments.

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    5 years ago

    thank you for your comment , i know that cookies contain flour but there are cookies free gluten that can be used too, besides there no real flour on it so when there no flour you caan use cookies instead that it is the concept i didn't mean free gluten