Introduction: Easy Candlestick

This project's goal is to help high school students to learn how to use graphic design and build a candlestick with cheap easily-assemble material. It doesn't mean that students follow exactly like the tutorial, but use their imagination to create their own view. Before beginning this tutorial, first you should know how to create a front view and build your own aesthetic feeling. You should practice using some technology such as the golden ratio.

This tutorial mainly for 9-12 grade students to develop their skill of building basic woodwork. offers a beginner level curriculum standard. By checking the website you could find some useful information that can help to create a beautiful candlestick.



15cm rad Round wooden board

Square Taper bun foot (2746)

Contemporary Bun Foot (2744)

Wood Stakes 2*2*24 untreated

3 plastic base (4754)

This tutorial can use extra material to build candlestick. The supply list only contains suggested material.

Step 1: Drill Hole on the Round Wood Board

1. First, plan your candlestick. You need first to have a basic impression of your project. Before drilling the hole, measure the overall scale of the project.

2. Use handle drill to drill holes. These holes will hold the bun foot.

3. Put the bun foot on the board.

Step 2: Measure the Wood Stakes

1. Measure the wood stakes into 3 parts. The ratio should be 1:0.618.

Step 3: Cut the Wood Stakes Into 3 Parts

1. Cut the wood stakes with a table saw, make sure it follows the measurement.

Step 4: Put All Material Together

1. Put the material together and have a deeper thought about the final project looking.

Step 5: Glue Things Together

1. Use a hot glue gun to glue parts. Make sure not to use too much glue.

Step 6: Glue the Candle Base

1. Glue the candle base on the bun foot.

Step 7: Paint the Surface

1. Use stain to color the surface, wait for it to dry fully.

Then it is done! Now you have a candlestick that made by yourself!