Introduction: Easy Cat Candy Dispencer

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I'm Gio. I live in a house with two nice persons, a sister who is never into mischief and two terribly stupid dogs who bark when there is nothing to see but sleep when they should guard. Typical dogs.
I love cat treats and show this in all possible ways to my personal caregiver. Meowing, screaming, even biting in the ankles (not that hard, trust me) and usually I manage to get some.
However... I might have push it a bit too far because now mrs. Caregiver has made some kind of candy dispenser. And I have to see that I get my sweets out, which is quite a job.  
For me it is too late, but for you: Run over the keyboard, knock the mouse off the table or sit in front of the screen so that your caregivers cannot read this, you have been warned!


A sports drink bottle with cap (AA or something like that)
A piece of insulated copper wire
Insulation cap (option)
Apiece of yarn
A ball on a string
A kitchen knife
Cat biscuits and cat candy

Step 1: Making the Dispenser

This dispenser take less then an hour.
Determine the width of the cap depending on the type of cat biscuits.
At first I widened the inner part of the cap of the bottle, but that was not wide enough. Then cut a piece off but this still gave too much resistance, the treats came out very difficult. In the end I took out the entire inner cap (the green part) and that gave the desired result. The treats fall out, but there is some resistance to it so that it is not eaten all in once.
To prevent the cats from getting too many treats, I mixed some treats with regular cat biscuits. If you do not have a bottle with a sports drink cap, you can just make a hole in a normal cap, but without hollow pipes it is a bit more difficult to do.

Now the cap has the opening, make two holes at the top about 5 cm below the bottom. Pierce two opposite holes and insert a piece of insulated copper wire. Twist the ends of the wire together. Put an insulation cap over the twisted copper wire to eliminate sharp spots.

Tie the ball around the neck of the bottle so that it hangs about 2 to 3 cm under the cap.

Pull the string under the copper wire, fill the bottle with cat biscuits and treats, screw the cap on and hang the bottle somewhere so that the cat can easily reach it.

The cat may need some instruction, or he or she may think what is this!! Here our cat Dirk quickly understood. But Gio, the naughty one, lies down waiting while her sister picks out the treats. Then she quickly eats the ones that have fallen to the floor.

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