Introduction: Easy Chocolate Mousse !!

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Hi all,

The recipe today is one of my favourite chocolate desserts : a large bowl of Chocolate Mousse !

I don't really like the industrial one, so I sometimes make my own. People usually like it... and everybody always wants to lick the bowl when empty. ;-)

You know what ? It's a very simple recipe, with a few ingredients, and doesn't require special hardware / dishes ! So, why not trying to make some ? Follow these simple steps !!

Step 1: Ingredients

For this dessert, you will need to have :

• 200 gr (a full bar) of dark chocolate. I used a special one suited for desserts.
• 6 eggs
• some butter
• about 4 tablespoon of coffee
• icing sugar (not shown on the pictures)
• pinch of salt
• optional : coloured worms for decoration

Step 2: Melt the Chocolate

  • Break the chocolate tablet (200 gr) into a large bowl (a salad bowl is perfect). It will be the final bowl !
  • Add about two teaspoons of butter (30-40 gr), and about 4 teaspoons of coffee.
  • Put the bowl into a microwave, and start it for one or two minutes, at mid power if possible.
  • Once done, mix the preparation, and put it again in the microwave for a couple of seconds (20-30 sec), this time at full power.
  • Mix again the preparation, until everything is melted, without solid parts of butter and chocolate. It's very important for the final texture to have a smooth mix, like the final picture.

Step 3: The Eggs

    Get a second bowl (same size). Break the eggs, and separate the white and the yolk :

    • put the yolks in the chocolate mix;
    • put the white into the second bowl.

    Take your time, don't put egg shell into the bowls, and don't put yolk into the whites...!

    Mix again the chocolate and yolks preparation, to get a smooth result.

    Step 4: Beat the Egg Whites

    Ok, the next step is to change the eggs into stiff.

    • Put a pinch of salt into the whites.
    • Get the electrical mixer, and start mixing the whites. Move the mixer around the bowl, and increase the speed of the mixer.
    • Add sometimes icy sugar.(not too much)
    • Keep mixing until you get a nice aspect, like the pictures. ("Until stiff" seems to be the correct English word...Correct me if it's not this...). It should fill the bowl.

    Step 5: Add the Eggs Whites to the Chocolate

    Ok, the last step will be to add the eggs whites into the chocolate preparation.

    Use a tablespoon to add a small amount of eggs whites into the chocolate preparation.

    The secret to get a nice creamy and airy texture is NOT to heavily mix the preparation, but to "cover" the whites with the chocolate preparation. Mixing everything will remove the air inside the whites, and you will get a flat result. So, to keep something airy, do large movements with the spoon to "bury" the whites into the chocolate preparation. Put some chocolate into the spoon, and pour it on the whites. The less you "mix" the whites, the best is the result.

    Keep adding the eggs whites until the whites bowl is empty.

    Step 6: Finishing

    Ok, the mousse is ready. Put it into a fridge for about one night...

    Before eating, you can add some coloured worms to make it pretty. Don't put them in advance, they will loose their colour. As this dessert contains raw eggs, it's not good to prepare it too soon... One day ahead is great.

    Who wants to lick the bowl ?

    Thanks for reading !!

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