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This fun and easy no sew DIY craft project took me less than 1 hour from start to finish.

I decided to make a Jewelry Roll that I could also use as a travel case, if I wanted to. Don’t you think this jewelry case would make a nice gift? Especially if one would add a piece of hand made jewelry!

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need to Make a No Sew Jewelry Roll

You can make this jewelry roll in any size:
  • A heavy duty sample fabric piece or a fabric place mat
  • A piece of fabric for the pocket
  • Ribbons in different sizes and colors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Strip of Velcro

I was lucky enough to have this nice piece of sample fabric with the edges all nicely surged in my sewing box. You can find sample pieces at your local fabric store, use a cloth place-mat or any other piece of fabric with surged edges.

Step 2: Create Your Jewelry Organizer Using Ribbons

Measure and cut a piece of wide ribbon to cover the top edge of your fabric.

Cut several thin ribbon pieces to hold your necklaces in place. Fold the pieces on half and hot glue them to the underside of the wide ribbon. Glue the wide ribbon with the thin ribbons attached to your base fabric.

Next, take the same wide ribbon, (I also used a second velvet ribbon) measure and cut it to half the width of the fabric. Fold over the ends and hot glue the ribbons to the fabric.

Lay down a strip of glue in the center or break down the ribbons in thirds to make it more secure.

Use thin ribbon pieces to attach your dangling earrings.

Step 3: Create a Pocket to Hold Small Jewelry

Use a piece of contrasting fabric to create a pocket to hold bracelets and other small jewelry items.

Start by folding the fabric in thirds (you can play around with it until its the size you like it).

Apply hot glue to the three outer edges of the underside of the pocket and adhere it to your base fabric, don’t glue the top edge.

Take the same wide ribbon as before and add a strip to the three sides of the outside of the pocket, be sure to catch the base fabric. Add a strip of the wide ribbon to the top side of the pocket flap.

Take a strip of Velcro and hot glue one part to the inside of the flap and the other part to the outside of the pocket.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Add your jewelry and use a long piece of satiny ribbon to tie around your jewelry roll.

Viola, you're done!

Depending on how many pieces of jewelry you have and how heavy your jewelry is, you can also use thinner fabric and make a smaller version of this jewelry roll to use as a handy travel case.

You can find more pictures on our blog.

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