Easy DIY Portable Charger

Introduction: Easy DIY Portable Charger

Here is a portable charger that you can easily make that can actually charge your phone.

Step 1: Get Materials

To make it all you need is three items.

  • Car charger
  • 9v (9 volt) battery
  • Binder clip

Step 2: Make Sure Your Charger Is Touching the Right Side.

There are two metal parts on the battery. One of them is a circle looking shape and the other is a square looking shape. The battery should tell which side is positive and which side is negative. Usually the circle shaped side is the positive side which, is the side you want your charger to touch.

Step 3: Clip on Your Binder Clip

After you figure out which side is positive. Clip your binder clip onto your battery. Usually you want to clip it on halfway up the battery so the charger can touch the clip while touching the battery which makes it turn on.

Step 4: Put Your Charger on Top of the Battery Then Make Sure the Clip Is Clipping Both the Battery and Charger

Now just squeeze in your charger. After it is put in properly it should turn on. The binder clip should be touching the two metal sides of the charger.

Step 5: Make Sure It's on Properly

If it's on properly it should turn on. Just experiment with it to find a way to keep it on and how to turn it off. For me all I have to do is just twist it a bit and it turns off.

Step 6: Just Put in Pocket or Somewhere and Charge Your Phone

Put in a USB chord or whatever chord fits into your charger and use. The battery should last about two hours for a phone and about 45 minutes for a kindle or tablet.

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