Introduction: Easy DIY Word Art Canvas Using Cricut

I don't know about you but I love all the new "Word Art" canvases that are popping up everywhere.
What I don't like is the prices, I found one with a cute "grandma's house" saying that I loved for $35! YIKES!! I knew I could make it much, much cheaper and in the colors/ designs that were perfect. What do you know, using stuff I had around the house (Less than $5 if you were to buy everything) I created a canvas word art that worked out perfectly.

Check out the step-by-step and make one yourself!
Finally a fun and easy way to display all those fun quotes you see!

Step 1: Getting Started: Prep Your Canvas

I started out with a blank 5x7 canvas in a nasty green that I got on the cheap sometime
(color doesn't matter because it will all be covered)

Apply a layer of Mod Podge all over the canvas

Add scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, any type of paper in a pattern you like to the front and once again Mod Podge the whole thing, Now let it completely dry (overnight is best if you can stand the wait)

Step 2: Create Your Saying: Cricut Makes It a Snap!

Now create your saying with vinyl stickers or a paper cutting tool and adhesive vinyl, Once again the color doesn't matter as this will be covered

I used my cricut with the gypsy to get it all perfect.

Step 3: Apply Your Saying

Now carefully stick your saying on your dry mod podged papered canvas.

Step 4: The Cover Up: Spray Paint the Entire Thing

Next Spray paint the entire canvas (sides, top, over the lettering, the whole thing)

then let the whole thing completely dry (again?!?! sigh!)

*I used hammered brown spray paint*

Step 5: A"Peel"ing : Peel Up All Your Vinyl

Now carefully peel up all the vinyl to reveal your patterned paper below.

I used the Cricut tool kit to carefully do this with clean paint edges.

Step 6: Voila: You're Done


Fun (cheap) word art!

Wasn't that Easy?!?!?

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