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Introduction: Easy, Decorative Dry Erase Board Project

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Use an old window to keep notes or lists handy.

Step 1: Pretty, Decorative and Useful Glass Window Dry Erase Board

Anyone in need of a super trendy and useful dry erase board to write notes and keep lists handy, will LOVE this project. It is super easy and takes no brains, but some tools may come in handy!

Step 2: First: Get Your Window and Supplies

I found my window at a local salvage yard for $10, but have seen them at yard sales, antiques stores and on craigslist. Look for a single pane window. This one is large, about 20 x 30 inches. I wanted mine to look vintage so I left the rusty hardware on and only cleaned up the frame with a wire brush. If you want you could paint the frame, but what fun would that be?

Gather your supplies:

Spray paint (for the back of the glass)

painters tape


eye hooks

rope or wire (for hanging)

Step 3: Prep

Clean the glass on both sides.

Choose which side you want to look at.

Then take special care to really clean and remove any particles off of the opposite/back side of your whiteboard. Use a razor and chemicals if necessary. This is the side you are going to paint and you want it CLEAN otherwise you will see any left on gunk when you use your board. By painting the back of the glass, the front will be shiny and writable with dry erase markers.

Tape off your frame. This keeps any spray paint off your super cool, and perfectly chipped frame.

Step 4: Paint

Pick a favorite color of spray paint. Any brand or type will work. I chose this brand because of the color.

Spray in even, back and forth strokes. This particular paint has good coverage so it only needed two coats.

Let dry. Your almost done!

Step 5: Hardware

Add your hanging hardware.

We predrilled the holes to make sure our special, antique frame and old glass didn't crack or break.

We also painted our eye hooks.

Install rope or wire to hang or use any preferred method of hardware to hang on your wall. We used rope and eye hooks because it is hanging from our soffit next to the fridge.

Make sure the non-painted side is facing out and the painted side is against the wall.

Hang and you are done!

Step 6: All Done!

Use any standard dry erase markers and eraser to use your new dry erase board. We use ours for shopping lists.

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