Easy, Delicious Super Bowl Black Bean Salsa

Introduction: Easy, Delicious Super Bowl Black Bean Salsa

If you love salsa, you're in the right place. This sweet salsa from my mother-in-law is a favorite among the family. Using the best quality fresh ingredients, we make a delicious super bowl staple that you can add to your recipe book! Anyone can do it so let's get to it!

Step 1: Assembling the Ingredients

In my book, the best part of this recipe is the simplicity. If you can hold a knife without cutting yourself, you're golden. Keep in mind that the amount of ingredients used here will make a bowl of salsa enough for 2-4 people.

You are going to need:

- Mango (1)

- Avocado (1)

-Tomato (1)

- Lime (1)

-Red Onion (1/2) * I did not use the white onion in the picture *

- Cilantro (1/2 of the clump)

- Black Beans (1 can)

- Corn (1 can)

-Salt to taste

- 1-2 Tsp. of Cumin

Feel free to play around with these ingredients! If you like more mango, put more mango in! If you hate cilantro, take it out! Regardless of what you do, the salsa will taste great! Now let's get chopping!

Step 2: Drain the Beans and Corn

Use a can opener and open up the cans. Pour the beans and corn into a colander and wash them really good. The beans especially because the come in a really thick liquid which would be rather unpleasant in salsa. Once both are thoroughly cleaned, make sure the water mostly drains out and pour them into a bowl.

Step 3: Chop Everything Up

Now we are going to chop up everything. Chop up the 1/2 onion, tomato, avocado, mango, cilantro and add it to the bowl of beans and corn. Be sure to chop everything into the roughly same size. Now add the salt, the cumin, and squeeze the lime into the salsa. Be sure to mix it up with a rubber spatula. If you do it with wooden spoons, or with anything else, you may squish the mango and avocado. (Picture 2)

Tips for cutting avocado and mango.

Mango - cut directly to the left and the right of the pit. You will have two pieces of mango with exposed fruit. If you cut the fruit in a grid pattern, you can push the skin on the other side and the mango will unfold into small pieces like in (Picture 1). Then you can cut pieces off by slicing along the bottom part of the fruit.

Avocado - Similar to the mango, cut the avocado in half and pull the pit out. Then, cut the avocado in a grid pattern (Picture 1). Then with a spoon, carefully pull out those pieces.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Mixed together, the salsa just looks absolutely delicious and the color is incredible! Enjoy with your favorite kind of chips, or if you don't have any chips and don't feel like going to the store, some toasted bread! (Still really yummy!) Thanks for checking out this Instructable! Let me know if you make it! Hit that like button and leave a comment down below and I will you see you on the next Instructable!

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