Introduction: Easy Dream Catcher

This is an easy project for kids to do, with just a little bit of adult supervision. I developed it for my grade 5 students a number of years ago and it continues be a popular project. Students can alternate the beads, change their shapes and colours and add a variety of feathers to make individual designs.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

You will need:

A lid(I used a lid from 500g tub of yoghurt, the plastic is easy to cut but stays firm)


A selection of beads


Netting(I used the netting that you find on fruits and vegetables, but you could also use tulle)


A yarn needle(plastic for kids)

Step 2:

Carefully use the end of the scissors to punch a hole in the plastic lid.

Cut out the centre, around the rim, as shown above to make a frame.

Step 3:

Stretch the netting across the frame.

Cut 4 lengths of yarn, about 10cm long.

Step 4:

Tie the netting to the frame - top, bottom and each side.

Gently stretch the netting as you do this. But be careful not to stretch it too tight as this will cause the frame to warp.

Trim the netting around the frame.

Step 5:

Thread 1m of yarn on to the needle, pull the ends to match, so that the yarn is doubled.

Hold the yarn against the frame, and then stitch around the frame as shown above.

Make sure to overlap the ends, to hold them in place.

Step 6:

When the yarn is almost finished, thread the needle under the stitches and cut the yarn.

Repeat this process to begin with a new piece of yarn.

Step 7:

Cover the entire frame with stitches.

Step 8:

Cut three lengths of yarn, about 20cm long.

(choose the length depending on where you will hang your dream catcher)

Tie one piece of yarn to the bottom edge of the frame. Tie the second and third piece on either side, about 2cm apart.

Use the needle to hide the ends under the frame stitches.

Step 9:

Thread a selection of beads on to the end of each piece of yarn.

Squeeze a little glue into the last bead and push a feather inside.

Repeat with remaining yarn and beads and leave to dry.

Step 10:

Your dream catcher is ready to hang in your window.

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