Introduction: Easy Egg Santa - Wall Decor

Every children like santa claus very much. In my child hood me and my elder brother make santa with egg, pencil, cotton and waste paper. We did a lot of santa and hang all the free places around our house. The day return again. But now my brother is around 300Km from here. We remember those days over phone before start making this. Lets see how we did if color sketch pen and color papers we have on those days.

Step 1: Items Needed

Materials needed

1) Egg.

2) Red color paper.

3) Cotton.

4) Scissors.

5) Gum (Fevicol).

6) Color Sketch.

Step 2: Prepare the Egg

Make a small hole on the sharp side of the egg some distance up from the middle. This hole is used as hook for hang in the wall. Remove all the yolks and clean the egg with water and allow it to dry. while the time of dry make hat for santa.

Step 3: Make Hat

1) Take a piece of red color paper and make a cone.

2) Paste the edge of the paper and complete the cone.

3) Cut the cone to the required size of the hat to your egg. Cut small small pieces and check the correct size.

4) If it fitted correctly then the hat is ready.

Step 4: Fix Hair to the Hat

1) Take a tin long piece of cotton.

2) Apply glue to the inner side of the hat.

3) Stick the cotton to the glue like some hair out from the hat.

Step 5: Draw the Face

1) Mark a line below the hat and remove the hat.

2) Draw the face below the line draw.

3) Color the face, leave the eye brow and mustache because we want to paste cotton there.

Step 6: Paste Eyebrow, Mustache and Beard

1) For Eyebrow take two small pieces of cotton and make it like the size of the eye brow.

2) Apply glue over the eye brow draw on the egg and stick the cotton over there.

3) Use scissors to correct the sides.

4) Like wise for Mustache. Take a piece of cotton bigger than the mustache drawn.

5) Apply Glue over the mustache drawn and stick the cotton.

6) cut and shape the mustache using scissors.

7) Like wise for beard also.

8) Now the bald Santa is ready.

Step 7: Final Touch

1) Paste some Glue inside the hat we already make and fix it over the top of the Santa.

2) Make small ball of cotton and fix it over the top of the hat.

3) Bend the hat to make it more attractive.

Step 8: Find a Place of Hang

1) I don't want take hammer and nail. I found a nail in the wall with out any thing.

2) Hang the Santa there (the hole we made first while break the egg).

Make lot and lot of Santa and enjoy christmas days.

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