Introduction: Easy Faux Leather Handbags

Full instructions below or simply watch this video tutorial on how to make these faux leather bags!

Hi guys, this project is really easy yet lots of fun! These bags take 5 minutes to make and they are adorable! You can change designs, colours etc to achieve a different look, but I just love the red & white combination.

I hope you try to make these yourselves as they are well cute!
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Step 1: What You Will Need

All you need is:

LOVE :-)

..just kidding - I thought that was clever :-)

O.k. here are the materials:

Faux leather fabric





needle and a thread/ sewing machine

glue gun/ or any strong glue

ribbon/ or to create the strap, you can just use some leftover fabric

And that's it :-)

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Turn your fabric upside down, measure and mark where you are going to cut. Mine was about 9” wide and 19” long.

Fold the seam half an inch in and fold the other side to see how long you want the flap to be. Mark it on each side and then in the middle on the top of the flap to create a nice triangle shape. connect all the marks and cut.

Cut two small squares or rectangles for the inside pockets.

Step 3: Sew and Glue

Sew the seam you have folded before either by hand or on a sewing machine. I used the zig zag stitch.

Glue on the pockets/ or sew them on.

Turn the bag right sides together and sew on the sides to make a pocket. I used just a straight stitch for this.

Turn the bag the right way round.

Step 4: Decorate the Bag

draw and cut out a flower shape and attach it on the bottom of the flap with your glue gun.

Step 5: Add Velcro and Strap

glue/sew on your velcro-one piece on the inside of the flap and one on the front of the bag.

Glue on the ribbon to create a strap for your bag. You can even use some leftover fabric.

Step 6: Finished Handbags

All done :-)

Go to the next step to watch this tutorial on Youtube x

Step 7: Youtube Video