Introduction: Easy Floor Cleaning/wax Removal

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I just found out that there is an easy way to remove stubborn stains/wax from linoleum floors. Check this out!!

Step 1: Buy Some Manic Erasers

The local dollar store should have these little gems in the cleaning supply area, but you can also get them at the grocery store or home improvement center near you.

Step 2: Prep-Remove As Much Wax As You Can With a Spatula or Wall Scrapper

This will make the work much easier and quicker.

Step 3: Wet and Scrub

Wet the eraser and start working the area to be cleaned. Some elbow grease meat be necessary to get up the wax, but it will come off. You may find you need to do the whole floor because it now looks worse than the area you just did. Go for it!! You will be so glad you did. More than one pad may be necessary.

Step 4: Done!!!

Look at the results and do a happy dance at how brilliant you are. Relish in the accomplishment!

NOTE: Your results may vary. It worked great on my linoleum floor in the kitchen (don't ask how I got wax all over the floor, but some of my other Instructables may give you a clue), but it didn't work as well on my walls.