Introduction: Easy Foam Throwing Hachet


"it's easy"


for this project you need e.v.a foam and a hot glue gun and scissors

Step 1: Safety

be sure not to get burnt

Step 2: Get Some Scraps

this should be relatively easy

Step 3: Cut and Form

make a handle from a scrap like the first image

then make a piece like the second

be sure to cut of the bits on the edges

see the sixth image cut something like that and slice it in half

Step 4: Glue

glue the strips to the handle don't cut anything off,

bend the strips so they are like the image at the end

Step 5: Cut the Blade

make sure that you cut the back like in the picture

Step 6: Glue the Head On

as you can see the hatchet head has been glued to the handle

Step 7: Detialls

cut pieces like the ones in the ones in the image



Step 8: The END