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Introduction: Easy Gravestone Cupcakes

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The easiest gravestone cupcakes you will ever make

Step 1: Ingredients

  • Cake mix
  • Chocolate Graham Crackers
  • Milano cookies
  • Chocolate Icing
  • Black Decorating Gel
  • (ignore the candy corn that was for another project)

Step 2: Directions

  • Follow the directions on the back of your box
  • Mix all ingredients into a bowl
  • pour batter into paper cups 2/3 full
  • Place into the oven and let bake
  • when the timer goes off insert a tooth pick into the cupcakes. If it comes back clean they are done. If it does not bake for a few more minutes.

Step 3:

  • Remove from cupcakes from oven and let them cool in the pan for 5 minute
  • Take them out and let them cool down completely otherwise your frosting will run. I let mine cool for an hour.

Step 4:

  • When the cupcakes are completely cooled you can frost them with your chocolate frosting.
  • I used a bakers spatula to apply the frosting but you can use a knife as well
  • Don't worry if it looks messy as you will be covering it up soon

Step 5:

  • Take your chocolate graham crackers in a blender and blend till they are fine
  • Take your cupcake and dip it in the graham cracker crumbs till the entire top of the cupcake is covered
  • do this for the rest of your cupcakes

Step 6:

  • Take your decorating gel and instead of cutting the top off use a safety pin and poke a hole in the top so you have a thinner stream coming out for writing
  • Test your writing skills on a piece of paper towel to make sure you get the look you want before you start on your cookies
  • Cut your Milano cookies in half so you have more tombstones to put on your cupcakes
  • Write RIP as close to the top as you can and insert them into your cupcakes
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