Introduction: Easy "Harry Potter" Notepad

My favorite book is Harry Potter, so I started looking on Amazon for a Harry Potter notepad. Of the ones I found, they were either too expensive, or weren't what I was looking for. Because of this I decided to create my own, that is cheap, and exactly what I want.




-Calligraphy pen (pen works too)

-Double sided tap

Step 1:

Design the "Deathly Hallows" symbol, I used "Kami". To do this create and equilateral/equiangular triangle. Then, draw a circle inside the triangle so it touches all three sides. Lastly, Draw a perpendicular line from the top point to the bottom side.

Step 2:

On a Google Doc, click page setup, and set it to landscape. Add the image to the doc, and in image options, change the transparency to 80%.

Step 3:

Copy and paste the image, and fit it on the screen so that each image is centered on one half of the doc. Print the doc for each 2 pages you want.

Step 4:

Cut the pages in half, and trim the sides. Next, use the double sided tape or glue to connect the sheets on the top.

Step 5:

With the pen, write any Harry Potter quote on the first page, this will be the cover.

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