Easy Hydrogen Generator

Introduction: Easy Hydrogen Generator

You will need:
1 2" pvc pipe
1 2" pvc end cap
1 2" pvc terminating end cap with threads and the screw on end thingey.
1 nylon pipe around 1/4 in( that's what I used)
Pipe glue
A jar or cup of water
A small clamp
Soap (optional)
Baking soda
Teflon tape(optional but I won't gaurentee that it will work without it)
Stainless steel bolts(the longer the better, and skinnier the better)
A drill and drill bits
Vice grips or channel lock pliers
One hour ish

Step 1: The Reactor

For the reactor you will need one 2" pvc end cap, one 1ft 2"pvc pipe, and one end cap with a screw on cap to put in the mixture.

Glue the the end caps on to the pvc, so not get glue on the threads of the top connector.

On the bottom of the reactor, drill two holes the size of bolt you will be useing and screw the stainless steel bolts into the bottom of the reactor. Leave enough room on be tween the outside of the reactor and the bolt head to attach alligator clips.

Step 2: Getting the Hydrogen Out of the Reactor

Drill a hole in the screw cap just a bit smaller than the pipe. Insert the pipe just a 1/4 in past the hole.

Step 3: The Bubbler

Get a jar or cup with water in it and put the nylon pipe in it and hold it down with the clamp so it stays there. ( I had to use the clamp here because I find that nylon pipes seem to have a mind of there own)

Step 4: The Power Supply

You can either use a 12v computer power supply or a car battery or car battery charger.
Attach the 12v wires and the ground wires to the two bolts. Polarity doesn't matter.

Step 5: Making Hydrogen

Add water into the reactor with a generous amount of baking soda and screw the cap on.
Attach the power supply and turn it on, you should see bubbles coming out of the pipe in the bubbler. If you want you can add soap to the bubbler and light the bubbles with a long lighter.

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    Everything impossible

    I haven had time in awhile, but soon I will be working on a new design for one with two sides of the reactor, on for hydrogen and one for oxygen, and more instructables


    Reply 7 years ago

    OK, this is the second instructable I've had to correct so people won't kill themselves. This is not a hydrogen generator. It's a mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen. This is a explosive mix and if you have a ignition source near here while it's running you are going to have a bad day...


    Reply 7 years ago

    I concur, this is not a toy. Just wish someone would take this subject seriously and actually build something useful with enough production to run a small engine. Guess it's up to me. Tired of reading how to make soap bubbles that pop...just venting. I will post something soon that will produce decently. Stay tuned...


    Reply 7 years ago

    Sorry that people wouldn't take this seriously, Im doing this for a school project, granted im probably going to experiment and tinker with it after.