Easy Katy Perry Firework Chest Burst

Introduction: Easy Katy Perry Firework Chest Burst

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My friend Jaymie wants to dress up as Katy Perry and have the firework element. I gave her some ideas but created an Ible to better show her. I don't want her daring to use real fireworks. It will run you about  2 dollars and ten minutes work time to make.

Step 1: Materials

LED wand (Dollar Tree)
Balloon Weight (Dollar Tree)
Rod or stick (My garage) 
Cord (My garage)
Pliers  (My garage) 

Step 2: Bending the Wire

Move the sprays of grass and use a rod or broomstick to form the center wire into a spiral. I did not need the pliers because the center wire bends easily.

Step 3: Insert LED Wand and Wrap Wires

Insert LED wand and make sure to leave power button accessible.  Wrap the decorative wires around the wand and open the sprays of grass.

Step 4: Tying Cord

There is a tied pipe cleaner at base of balloon weight , run a cord through it. Make cord long enough that weight falls where you would like on chest. I used dark cord for visibility for instruction. I recommend using one that matches you clothing or clear filament. 

Step 5: Put On, Turn on and Enjoy!!

The wand has three modes/speeds and changes colors. I photographed it a few times to show the changes. I attempted a video but the quality was bad. I will be attempting a video with a better camera .

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is really neat, although I think a fiber optic centerpiece instead of a wand would work even better, maybe one like this http://glowauthority.com/inc/sdetail/101/1329


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I like that too, but I was going with materials that i did not have to order. I think the centerpiece would have be trimmed down a bit.