Introduction: Easy Lego Dogcart

About: I'm an American living in South Africa and I love making costumes! Unfortunately life is hard on Instructablers here as there is no Home Depot or craft stores.

Hi, it's eread and in this amazing Instructable, I'm going to show you how to make a dogcart. I came up with idea when thinking about my mini figure having no way to get around and as she owns two foals, I thought I would build some sort of cart. It worked out great!

I made instructions on my computer but unfortunately couldn't get them to upload. The Substitutions is just showing what I used instead of the computer instructions. This cart can work for one or two horses. If you only have one, check the last step for some quick instructions on how to make it a one-horse dog cart (sorry, not a "one horse open sleigh"). I would personally suggest that you have a sister or are a girl with some LEGO Friends foals or some other small LEGO pony of some sort. If not, BE JUST AWESOMELY CREATIVE! I know that if you just sit and work on it long enough, something good will be built. HAVE FUN! :D

Step 1: Instructions


Okay, so look at the bluish image above and use them to find all the pieces you need.

When you've got them all, arrange them like the others.

Substitutions: I didn't have any 4x6 platforms available (they were all being used in my other amazing creations) so I used a 4x2 platform and a 4x4 platform.

Step 2: Instructions


Take the images above and arrange them just like you did before, using the bluish image to get your pieces and the rest to arrange them.

Substitutions: Instead of those little green circles in the piece-finder, I used green flowers. They are basically the same thing, just the flowers have sticky-outie parts.

Step 3: Instructions


Nothing new. Just keep building.

Substitutions: My 1x1 blocks had holes in the side that you could put things on if you wanted too.

Step 4: Instructions


Substitutions: I didn't have any more 1x1 blocks, so I used 1x1 pillars. And again, no 1x1 bits, so flowers.

Step 5: Instructions


The wheelbarrow simply goes on the 2x2 block on the bottom. If it's on, it's in the right spot. The horse harness is a bit harder. Refer to the pictures.

Substitutions: none, actually.

Step 6: Instructions


Look at the pictures and the answer will become clear.

Step 7: YAY!!! You Now Have an Awesome, Amazing LEGO Dogcart!

Hooray! Have fun with this. If you don't have a wheelbarrow, no problem! You probably have some wheels lying around, and with two 1x1 pillars in the right spots, you are good to go!

If you only have one horse, just remove the 3x2 platform in the harness and you should be good to go. Please like!