Easy, Light Weight Make Do Grill !

Introduction: Easy, Light Weight Make Do Grill !

This is an old idea that's been around along time. The components are minimal and light weight, which makes it easy to tote along when your on the road, camping, hiking or just want a small fire for smores! Follow along, you'll be surprised how easy this project is!

Step 1: Simple Component List

You will need a can- I have used all different sizes, the bigger the can the bigger the grill. This one is a recycled gallon size bean can.

Baking rack of some sort

Tin Snips to cut the can


Tin Foil

Step 2: Cutting the Can

Using a marker you can can mark cutting lines around the can, the size of the marks depends on the size of the can.

You will want enough "flaps" that the can/grill will open and create a space for the rack.

With the tin snips simply cut downward lines in the can, follow your marks or freehand as I did. You will cut down until you are about 3 inches from the bottom. The hardest part of cutting is getting through the top rim of the can, the rest is very is cutting. Once you have all the flaps cut, push them out and down creating a flower like shape as in photo three. The edges of the can will be very sharp so take care when bending.

Step 3: Let's Get Cooking!

Line the make do grill with alumium foil, add the charcoal, place the baking rack on top and your ready to lite it up!

This is a simple little grill, easy to make, easy to carry along and clean up is a breeze! It's also great if you have children or pets running around- you can place it out of reach while it cools and not have to worry about little hands or noses getting burnt! I hope you have enjoyed this easy instructable and give it a try for yourself!

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