Introduction: Easy Mini Inside Tomahawks Sticks in 90% of the Time

Step 1: Things Needed

So for this you need:
1 bic pen or and plastic tube
X-acto knife blade or blades if you want to make multiple or a razor blade might not work as we'll
Hot glue gun
Knife or scissors

Step 2: Handle

Grab your pen or tube and gut it out then cut it in half if u want to make two but if your making one you can cut it any length I prefer half but what ever works for you

Step 3: Blade Part

So grab your pliers and hold the blade in it and grab the lighter and heat up the blade for like 10sec may have to do this twice and push it in the plastic tube when it's hot so the top isn't showing

Step 4: Hold It in Place

Put hot glue on the sides in the tube just at the blade side thoe and put some around the blades out side around it like in the picture

Step 5: Finish

Your product is finished go have fun but be careful don't do stupid things with it I'm not responsible for anything that happen to you or others.