Introduction: Easy Modern Plywood Coffee Table!

About: I'm a woodworker / content maker on Youtube.

Hi everyone! here i am back after a long time!

In this instructable i will show you how i made a simple plywood coffee table. Please sit back and enjoy reading and watching!


18 mm plywood (3/4")

1x top sheet 60x80cm

4x legs 15x45cm

8x supports 3x15cm




Tools: jigsaw, drill, sander, paint brush.

Step 1: The How to Video

I put together a YouTube video of the entire build process. If you're a visual learner, take a look. I publish a lot of my projects on my channel, Dutch Shed woodshop

Step 2: The Build on Paper.

This is the written version of the build.

step one:

measure everything to the correct sizes so cutting will be easy. first i cut out the 60x80cm top sheet. at the same time i marked where the legs should come. Secondly the legs and supports all from the same materials.

step two:

Screw the supports on the legs with a bit of glue in between. ( the video shows exactly how) After that you can add the legd to the top sheet also with glue in between.

step three:

round off the corners with the jigsaw. i measured it with a paint can. very easy! after that i sanded everything smooth and gave it a nice clearcoat of varnish.

In total this build costed me about 10 dollars and one hour of work. seriously everyone can make this!!