Easy Mushroom Costume

Introduction: Easy Mushroom Costume

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This year for the Renaissance Festival I dressed up as a mushroom fairy. It was my favorite costume I’ve ever made. So if you want to be a mushroom here is a tutorial on how made mushroom hat and what to wear with it :)


Colorful fabric (I went with the classic red)
white fabric

Hot glue gun
All white clothing


Step 1:

Cut out a strip of cardboard 1.5 inches wide that is long enough to wrap around your head plus one inch. glue the ends together. Next, cut and attach two additional 1.5in strips and cross them over the top of your head in an X shape. Glue the ends together. Make sure the top strips sit flush against your head.

Next lay it on a large piece of rigid cardboard and trace around it. Cut out the whole you traced. Draw around the hole however wide you want the brim of your hat to be and cut it out.

Grab your masking tape and tape the brim of the hat to the other portion.

Step 2:

Cut and attach four additional 1.5” strips across the entire top of the hat, however tall or flat you want your finished hat. This will be forming the top dome. Attach all of the ends with glue. (Example in the pictures)

Step 3:

Lay your hat on the white fabric and draw a circle around it 5-12 inches bigger than your hats brim. Draw a second circle around that the width of your brim + 1.5 inches. Cut this out.

It is a larger circle than your brim because you’ll be scrunching it inwards to form the mushroom gills. With the brim upside down, attach the fabric around the inside hole using your hot glue gun, overlap the fabric as you go. (Example in photos)

Now glue the bit of the mushroom “gills” that stick out on the inside and outer circle up and out of the way. (Last photo)

Step 4:

Cut out a circle of your colored fabric that is about 5 inches larger than the diameter of the brim. You may need to adjust depending on how high the top of your hat is. cut a bigger circle than you think you need. We are gonna cut off the excess

(Optional, If you want to add lace to the brim now is the time to add it. Glue it along the edge.)

Put the center of the circle over the top of your hat and glue it down along the edges, scrunch it evenly as you go around.

Step 5:

Take your white fabric and cut out spots. They can be any size and shape. Get creative! Position them how you like it on the hat and glue them in place

Step 6:

Now that your hat is finished you get to decide how to accessorize! You can go for a simple mushroom look and just wear all white. You can go for a fairy look and add some pointed ears and blushing face paint. However you decide to go from this direction is your choice so have fun with it!

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