Introduction: Easy Origami Saxophone

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Hi! I invented this piece of origami from scratch for my dad's birthday. He really enjoyed it and wanted me to make it more often. So... … here it is!


You will need:

1 piece of origami paper (or any square paper)

Step 1: Fold in Half

For this, you are going to fold your paper in half, and make a crease. Unfold once you are done.

Step 2: Fold in Quarters

Next, you take the edges and fold them into quarters.

Step 3: Fold in Half Again

Fold the piece of paper in half and crease.

Step 4: Turn and Fold

Turn the piece of paper around and fold both edges into the crease.

Step 5: House Fold

This one can be really tricky. Take the corner of one of the 4 squares and house fold.* Do the same to all corners.

*Pull it up, and go towards the side it leans to. Crease at the top. It should look like a rooftop (hence the name 'house fold')

Step 6: Fold in Half

From here, fold it in half so that the house folds are on the inside and turn upside-down.

Step 7: Push & Fold

Next, push the identical sides together, fold them in half lengthwise, and fold one end to be the mouthpiece of the saxophone. You can use tape when it won't stick.

Step 8: Finish the Base

Last step! You fold the bottom 90 degrees clockwise. From there, move a few centimeters to your right, and turn another 90 degrees clockwise. Your done!

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