Easy Peasy Mini Sprout Starter

Introduction: Easy Peasy Mini Sprout Starter

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Here's a nifty way to get your sprouts a  sprouting !

Step 1: Let's Get Started

First you'll need  seeds, (I used alfalfa sprouts)
A  small cotton patch
A mini baggie
and last but not least some scotch tape.

Step 2: And There You Go!

Soak the cotton patch in water and give it a good squeeze(we want it moist)
next add your seeds to the mini baggie  insert the cotton patch into the baggie, finally add a piece of tape and
stick it to a south facing window so that the sunlight does'nt burn the seedlings.
Withing two days you should have sprouts ready to transfer to the planter of your choice.
Like I said Easy Peasy!

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