Easy Phone Case




Introduction: Easy Phone Case

This is probably the easiest instructables I have ever done. It is so easy to do and you need barley anything to do it I hope you enjoy this instructables a please vote for me for the phone challenge.

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:
•a phone (any phone will work but just not a flip phone)
•a balloon
•a piece of cardboard the size of your phone

Step 2: Constructing

To make the phone case first you blow up the balloon but don't tie it. Then place the piece of cardboard on the balloon and put the phone on the cardboard. After that with one hand gently let the air out at the same time your other hand put pressure on you phone so it will sort of sink into the balloon. When the balloon is almost deflated let go of the nozzle but still hold the phone in place. Then cut off the the nozzle and decorate how you want. Cut holes for camera, charger, and ear plugs.

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    6 years ago

    So cool


    6 years ago

    Sorry about the blurry pictures it was hard to hold on to the balloon and phone and try to take a picture