Easy Prototyping by Using EagleCad - No ETCHING

Introduction: Easy Prototyping by Using EagleCad - No ETCHING

When you want to make some pcb with EagleCad,

there are many hard problems.

Schematic is like tangled net and Etching is complex and hard.

If you skilled at etching pcb board, it's still not easy.

But it can be real easy with prototype PCB and EagleCad

Step 1: Grid Setting and AutoRoute

First, you must change grid setting.

Check [Display] is on, and [Size] are 2.54 and 1.27

and move elements to grid exactly.

Set Autorouting grid to 2.54 and autoroute

Step 2: Print Board to Paper

print board twice.

First page is top and second page is bottom.

Disable Top Layer and check [Mirror], [Black], [Solid] when print second page.

Step 3: Stick Paper to PCB

Cut carefully and stick paper to PCB

Draw line follow mirrored paper with black marker on backside

If you have laser printer, OHP transparency film would be good too.

Step 4: Place and Solder It.

(this is my older project)

Place parts on pcb - even my 4 years niece can make it!

And solder wires through the line.


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    4 years ago

    So simple... Thanks for sharing!