Introduction: Easy, Quick, Cheap: Keep Out Dust From Cubby Hole Boxes

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I love the idea of the simple cubby hole plus cloth-covered box. Makes tidying quick and easy. But for storage? Not so good because anything inside those boxes gets dusty as! I tried to find some boxes with lid, but the ones I found didn't fit the hole ...

So I thought of a DIY lid:
Quick project - piece of cardboard, glue, fabric, done in a jiffy. But awkward! And though it's quick, it's still no good for my need for instant gratification.

So new project - take a roll of washi tape and pieces of clear plastic. (For example, I cut up the clear vinyl the cubby boxes came in.) Eh voila! Dust protection. Ok, not total protection, but dust is at least kept at bay

Step 1: Tape Vinyl to Shelf Above Box - Done!

See the gap in the first picture - this is where dust slips in day in, day out.
In the second picture, you can practically see the dust sliding along the outside of the vinyl and accumulating anywhere but in your box!

I promise it is less visible than in the photo. Not fit for a living room, but definitely good enough for a craft room, hobby room, garage, shed, etc.

If anyone can think of an idea that doesn't involve a year of collecting the right-size cardboard boxes and hours of glueing fabric to them - please let me know!