Introduction: Easy Salsbury Steak or the Hamburger With Allusions of Grandeur

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When I was growing up mom made salsbury steak using a pounded piece of beef that looked like it had been beat with a rake, it was never in my top meals list. I thought using ground beef was something I came up with until I did a google search before writing this "ible". Oh well, this is still a very tasty and fairly easy meal to make so here's my version

Step 1: Ingredients

one and a half pounds of ground beef
 one can of condensed french onion soup
 one egg
 one or 2 onions (depending on size and how much your family likes onions)
tblespoon of butter
 tblespn of olive oil
 steak sauce
 Worcestershire sauce
 green bell peppers
 salt and pepper
 bread crumbs ( sub crushed doritos, cheese crackers etc)
 I was reminded that some people like mushrooms with salsbury steak, I don't like mushroom so I've never used them
you could add sliced mushrooms to the browning onions in the ingredients and the next step

Step 2: Onion Gravey

slice off both ends of your onion or onions, cut it in half then into medium thin slices, add a tablespoon of butter and olive oil to a frying pan and when it begins to shimmer add in the sliced onions, cook on a medium low heat until golden brown ( You could add a pinch of sugar and cook until dark brown and use as a spread on toast) add in a tablespoon of flour and stir, cooking until a paste (roux) form then add 2/3's of a can of condensed french onion soup, stir until heated and thickened ..about 2 minutes" and remove the gravy to your oven proof baking dish

Step 3: Fake Steak

mix your ground beef, 1 egg, 1/2 cup bread crumbs, bell peppers, steak and worchestershire sauces salt and pepper and reserved 1/3 can of french onion soup, mix well and form into patties, mine are approximately 6x3x3/4" which allowed 3 to fit in my dish with some left over mix for another dish, depending on your family size you could make upto 10 patties. In a hot pan, cook over a med high heat until browned or about 3minutes per side then move to your gravy filled oven proof dish, cover the dish with a lid or aluminum foil and bake at 350f for 30 minutes, remove foil and return to broiler for 3-4 minutes

Step 4: The Taters

You'll need a couple of potatoes, some cheese crackers , olive oil and salt

 wash and cut the potatoes in half and then each half in slices, add salt, cover and microwave for 5minutes and allow to cool, drizzle with olive oil and salt, toss to coat then add crushed cheese crackers and toss again. preheat a baking sheet and when the potatoes are ready, coat the pan with olive oil and add the cracker coated potatoes and bake in a 350f oven for 30-40 minutes

Step 5: Time to Eat

I probably should have had some kind of green something or other on the plate but there ARE green peppers in the meat patties !  This is a good sized meat patty, almost a mini meatloaf so smaller appetites may only want half or a third a good handful of baked potato slices and all that's missing in this picture is ketchup, hot sauce and a cold beverage