Introduction: Easy Sheer Convertible/infinity Dress

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This project came about when I was working on maternity photographs for a friend. I did not like a lot of the images I was seeing, they all seemed very basic (tube top and draped piece of fabric). I wanted something more elevated and came up with this. I wanted a convertible/infinity dress because she had options on how to wear it and also support. I chose sheer fabric to show off the body in her state of pregnancy. I was on a budget., so my material is actually a huge window scarf I found on clearance for five dollars.

The dress can be also be worn over a tube dress for an evening out or by itself as lingerie.


Step 1: Materials

Sheer window scarf 60 x 288 or 8 yards of fabric (prefereably non fraying)


Sewing machine or needle and thread

1/4 inch elastic

A lighter or small candle

Step 2: Pieces to Be Cut and Sewn.....

2- 1/2 circles - Mine was 51 inches, due to her height and belly. I would recommend measuring from your natural waistline ( beneath the bust) to the floor and 3-4 inches, if you want it to sweep the floor.

3- 12 x 60 rectangles One of the rectangles will be cut in half into 2- 12 x 30 rectangles.


This is what you should have prior to sewing:

2- 1/2 circles

2- 12 x 60

2- 12 x 30


Sew the sides of the half circles together, to create a full circle and move on to the next step...

Step 3: The Bands and Finishing the Dress......

Sew the one large and one small rectangle together on the 12 inch end. Repeat with the two remaining pieces.

Sew the bands into the front of the circle skirt, make sure the bands have a 6 inch overlap.(see picture above).

Sew a piece of 1/4 inch piece of elastic in to the back waist of the skirt. My elastic was 10 inches when stretched. This will help the dress be fitted at the waist and eliminate a boxy figure.

To finish the dress, instead of hemming the dress bottom and sides of the bands, I used a lighter and small candle to seal the edges and eliminate fray.

It is very easy to do, but be careful using an open flame. Practice on a scrap, if you are concerned with burning the dress by accident.

Step 4: Have Fun With Your New Dress!

There are many ways to tie it and wear it, see link below for different ways.

Different ways to tie infinity/convertible dress

If you make the dress, feel free to post comment with pictures, to see your final results.

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