Introduction: Easy Snap Circuit Fan With On/off Switch

This is an easy project using snap circuits---hope you like it!

This project is for fun, and maybe it could help you cool down. It doesn't really work like that, but hey, it's educational!

P.S. This project is just for beginners without the demonstration books the snap circuit sets has. And...that's me. I lost the demonstration/instruction book ;-;


(all snap circuits) 1 battery holder, 1 base grid, 2 conductors with 2-snaps, 1 conductor with 3-snaps, 1 motor, and 1 slide switch.

Step 1: Set Up the Main Parts

First, place the battery holder anywhere you like on your grid, but be sure it's facing the empty part of the grid so that there's space to place the other parts of this project.

Then, place the motor on one side of the batteries, with the "+" sign away from the holder to get the cool air (the other way makes the cool air go under the fan).

Next place the switch on the other side of the batteries. You can place it whichever way you want to.

Step 2: Connect the Conductors

After the main parts are ready, connect the conductors like shown above.

Last, put the fan on the motor.

Step 3: You're Done!

slide the switch and enjoy your hand-made fan!