Introduction: Easy Spring Wreath

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Surprise Mom this Mother's Day or dress up your front door with this simple wreath. If you can use cable ties or zip ties you can make this wreath!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this project you will need:

A grapevine wreath ($5 at most craft stores)

Silk flowers (at least two types) One will be a big statement flower and the other will be a pretty filler (two statement flowers and about ten springs of your filler flower)

Long greenery pieces. These need to flow nicely and do not necessarily have to have flowers on them (four pieces minimum)

Short greenery pieces. These should make a nice filler and at least semi-match the leaves of the flowering pieces you chose. (four pieces minimum)




Spool of Wide ribbon

Wire cutters,

Black zip ties (at least 11" long)

Little accent bird. These usually come with a wire pick.

Floral tape

Floral wire.

Step 2: Cut and Fluff

Cut your stems from all your plants, keeping them as long as possible.

Fluff out all the wired segments as much as possible for both leaves and flowers.

Step 3: Making Your Bundles

You will basically be making a large bundle and a small bundle of flowers.

We will start with the large one: take one long leafy sprig and cross the same type on top of it where the bottom of their stems criss-cross. Next add on a layer of short greenery to also make their bottoms stems cross. Then, add the pretty filler flower you chose by putting three or four flowers on each side, keeping the placement symmetrical. Again make sure their stems cross in the center of the bundle. Take a zip tie and tie the center of the bundle together. Make sure the tie is secure and then snip off the excess plastic.

To get your center statement flower ready, cut the stem about 2 inches from the flower. If it included leaves, pull those off and slide them up the stem directly under the flower. Make an "L" bend in that stem and zip tie it onto the center of your bundle. You will probably have to adjust the flowers to make sure everything is nice and equal.

If you get stems that show you can snip those with the wire cutter.

You may find that there is a lot of dimension when you look at the bundle from the side. That's not a bad thing. The middle flower will probably stick out a little further than everything else and that's okay.

Once you have a nice looking bundle, you can wrap floral tape around the center to make sure everything stays in place.

Make a second bundle the same way but do not let the flowing greenery extend as far.

Work your bundles into a curved shape.

Step 4: Adding the Bird

Figure out where you would like your cute little bird to be place on the wreath. I used a hummingbird for this wreath.

Your bird probably came with a wire pick. If it did not you can use floral wire. Double up the bottom portion of the wire to add some stability for when you place it.

For extra support add some glue to the end of the wire and then poke it into the birds belly and let dry.

To make my bird look like it was hovering above the flowers, I attached it to one of the flowing greenery pieces with floral tape. You may find yours looks better perched or in mid flight, depending on what type of bird it is.

Step 5: Adding Ribbon

Place your bundles to get a good idea of where you will be finally securing them.

Remove them and start to wrap your ribbon around the wreath in a spiral pattern. It's a good idea to start and end the tie of the ribbon behind where one of your bundles would be.

Step 6: Attach the Bundles

Once the ribbon is secured, you can take another zip tie and attach your bundles where you would like them.

Just a tip, the bigger bundle should be placed opposite the side that will have the door handle if you're placing this on a front door. This isn't a must, just an aesthetics thing.

Think of the using the bigger bundle of the bottom and off to one side, and the smaller one, directly diagonal from that.

Step 7: Adding a Hanger

Use doubled (or tripled) floral wire to make a loop for hanging.

Make a loop first and the secure two points on the wreath. Twist the longer lengths to give the loop support.

Step 8: Present or Hang and Admire

Finishing touches you might come across is securing loose pieces of the flowing greenery. This is an easy fix by wrapping a little piece of floral wire around the stem and one little piece of the grapevine of the wreath.

Congratulations, now you have a beautiful wreath to give as a gift or hang on your front door.

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